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The starts had already warned you. As it seemed, the arrival of a third person in your life is going to have you in check for the rest of the month. Maybe it's a co-worker or an acquaintance who you haven't had much relationship until now.

In any case, a series of circumstances will lead you to spend more time with this new person and it will seem inevitable that you feel some sparks between you. That need to experiment and that restlessness to see beyond the life you have that have awakened in you will play a vital role in this period of your life.


You must save a little more margin and wait for the stars to change position if you want to succeed in your new project. This week your mind seems too worried about satisfying that need to start new business projects and even a business in which you would be your own responsible, but you must have a little more patience for this to prosper.

Instead, take advantage of this 'impasse' to gather information and be clear about the steps you should take. Circumstances around you will become favorable soon, this is just a control test for your impulsiveness.


From today it's important that you avoid contact with people that are going through a flu process or that have a similar disease. Your defenses are starting to come down and even if your good will makes you want to go and visit them and to be by their side, it's not advisable.

You can send a message to someone giving encouragement and justifying your absence with some compelling reason that you will surely find. It's better to wait until they are cured to re-establish physical contact, the next few days are complicated and everything you can prevent will be welcomed.