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Leo Astral Horoscope for Sunday 1st July by Magic Horoscope

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You have an incredible capacity for seduction, Leo. You manage to make the person next to you feel the most fortunate in the world for being able to share their life with you.

Realizing that you achieve your goal is something that you love; there is nothing you like more than receiving praise and admiration from the other person.

You're someone quite selective that doesn't settle for anything and, the truth is that you also expect the other person to be able to surprise you by conquering you in the same way that you do.

For today, the stars of the Magic Horoscope foresee that your partner is going to tell you a news that will cause you an important change in your life that in the long run will be very positive, Leo.


You have a job that more than being a tool to get money is something that you feel fully identified with. They say that if you work on something that you like you will never have to work, and today you will give good faith of the truth of this quote.

Don't hesitate in encouraging an acquaintance or relative to follow your steps, making it clear that you feel it's true passion for your profession. Don't be surprised if you end up infecting them and end up awakening in that person that same feeling.

It's clear that when things are done with real interest and dedication the result has nothing to do with the one of someone who makes them out of obligation. This is where the key to your success lies.


In regards to health you will find that once again the attitude is what will make the difference, Leo. If you propose to do something you aren't prepared for, launching yourself with enthusiasm will make you find a positive response from the cosmos, which will help you to do everything correctly.

Your thoughts shouldn't be a hindrance Leo, and this is perhaps an issue that you have been dealing with all your life. However, the time has come to banish any hint of negativity.

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