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Ensuring that the terrain is firm before taking a step, is something that many Leo boast about but that actually hides a sad counterpart: their impulsive nature.

There are days when you get up very capricious, willing to have what you want in the shortest time possible. This doesn't cause any problem to your life if it's about making an order for fast food, but in love matters the thing changes.

As much as your feelings tell you otherwise, you can't expect to commit overnight with someone you just met, the consequences of this act go further and can condition you for the rest of your life.

This is not, Leo, the solution to your problems of lack of attention to the other person.


Finding yourself with those colleagues who have a tendency to tell you what you have to do in your work in a constant and repetitive way doesn't make you very happy. Because of this circumstance, if yesterday you were reluctant to leave your job today your attitude will be totally the opposite.

That at each step they tell you what to do is something that ends up driving you up the wall, but it's a reality that you have to face from time to time.

You're more used to going at your own pace, with no one that puts pressure on you and without depending on the rhythm of another person. That can be so if you make clear what your place is, Leo.



A toothache in the late afternoon can force you to go to bed early. Applying some ice in the area will help to reduce inflammation in the area and relieve pain.

You can wrap the ice in a bag or wrap them with a cloth, to prevent the direct cold from touching the skin. Put it on one of your cheeks, at the height of where the tooth in question is that is causing you pain, at 20-minute intervals.

A spoonful of salt diluted in a glass of water and used to make mouthwash is also a good remedy thanks to its antiseptic properties.