Magical Horoscope 7
Loe Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


This Thursday you’ll be bold and passionate. It’s not that you think you’re capable of anything, but you’ll be so sensual and joyful, that it’ll be hard to resist your charm. According to the stars, you’ll be able to reach a peak in your relationship and find a way to your partner’s soul. It’s the magic of pheromones, the power of chemistry.

Those Leos who are single at the moment are about to fall in love at first sight. If you don’t believe you can fall for someone the first time you see them, you’re lost and you may miss the opportunity to meet a special person who might become a part of your life and of your heart.

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You’ll have to put up with some workmates who are used to different and more difficult ways of working and you may find it very annoying and overwhelming. However, you shouldn’t get involved in an argument. Try to ignore their ways and keep doing your thing; to each his own. Let peace take over you and help you perform your tasks better and faster.

There is so much you can accomplish when you set your mind to it. You’ll be able to reach the top if you light your creative spark and count on your powerful will. Go ahead with your projects and business; the Universe is on your side.


If you feel aches and pains, it means you’ve overloaded your muscles. It’s not an injury or anything similar; you’re just not used to working that part of your body and it resists. However, don’t give up training, Leo. Simply try doing gentler exercises. You’ll see how soon your body will undergo a transformation.