Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Today your heart will be filled with joy and you’ll pass it on to everyone around you. You’ll be the light for those who are sad or overwhelmed by problems.

You’ll be in a good mood and feel enthusiastic about trying new things and facing difficult issues that have been holding you back.

Single Leos will sense their magical power today. Nothing can resist the magnetism and intensity of your gaze.

Leos born in the second or third deanery will be favored by the visit of various planets in the signs of fire. This planetary configuration stimulates movement, sudden changes but also impatience and irritability.

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You’ll be very eager to do something creative or artistic to achieve new things regarding work. The energy of stars will favor those born under your sign to make changes in life. Therefore, you should take advantage of this energy.

You’re very jumpy and you’ve got too much energy, so you must channel it properly to avoid arguments or fights in your office or workplace.

Issues related to money or late payments will be favored today. Mars in Aries favors debt payments.


Leos are prone to arterial problems. Control your blood pressure since you’re predisposed by the stars to be one of these people who have a silent enemy in their body.

Reduce salt intake, try reading the ingredients on the labels of processed food you buy and you’ll see that the least expected products have salt, too. Cookies, some dairy products and even almond milk contain salt.

Adding fruit and vegetables to your diet can be an excellent way to intake minerals, magnesium, potassium and calcium that are very important for your cardiovascular health. You can also quit coffee and tobacco for a few days.