Leo Daily Horoscope for July 1

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You may have to defend your position against someone who will misunderstand you. You’ll have to waste a lot of time and energy explaining in detail what you were trying to say. If you don’t manage to get understood, don’t get anxious or sad. You’ll have more opportunities to put yourself across.

When it comes to your partner, it’s essential you improve your communication if you want to have a healthy relationship where you both can give your best and grow together. Perhaps you have been in this relationship for too long and it’s normal to feel worn out.

The Moon and Venus in the sign of Gemini will particularly favor those born in the third deanery and help them contact their emotional world positively and be more affectionate and sweet.

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You’re in a perfect position to be favored by Jupiter which will lead you to new opportunities to increase your income. It could be a new job that you do in your free time or your sales might generate a higher profit than expected. You may have to spend some extra money in order to perform this new task, such as buying some new machinery or clothes suitable for this role. There’s nothing to worry about; you'll get your investment back in no time and you'll feel great about yourself.

The lucky number for Leos today is 32. This figure wants to remind you that if you believe in yourself, everything is possible. If you have faith in your abilities, you’ll achieve everything you wish for.


If you’re eager to free yourself from anxiety that all those projects trigger in you, you’ll have to channel your energy in the right way. Learning to master your own mind is necessary if you want to focus on your projects efficiently. There are numerous exercises that teach you how to live in the moment.