Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Your subconscious mind will be very active and there will be tension in your relationship. You’ll feel sad, and even if you try to ignore these feelings, they’ll become very obvious when you respond badly or run away from those who love you.

Being depressed or sad is not something typical of you; however, this afternoon you’ll feel bad and you’ll need someone by your side who is good at listening and keeping quiet.

Female Leos could be affected by issues related to motherhood. You’ll be looking for different ways inside you to face this role, weighing your reality and need to have children and observing the relationship with your own mother.

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Giving all you have and putting your heart and soul into work will be rewarded not only materially but also emotionally. You’ll receive lots of love and affection from those around you.

Some people who know how much you’re worth and don’t want to lose you will praise you and support you. You’ll be surprised to see how much they appreciate you.

As you know, recognition is not always measured by money, although it’s never too much. However, you value affection and encouragement, too.


It’s a wonderful day to go out for a walk and find people who are in the same wavelength. The activity doesn’t really matter as long as you’re surrounded by fantastic people. Sunbathing, the wonderful smell of the blossoming plants and children’s laughter will fill your day with joy. Little things are what matter most in life. They improve your mood and clear your head from worries and sadness. Don’t stay in, Leo; it won’t do you any good.