Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


It won't be the best Friday for party lovers.

The Moon in Capricorn and in conjunction with Saturn predicts a serious night of engaged conversations, sober activities or even an uncomfortable feeling of solitude.

If you want to feel loved today you will have to make some effort to understand what your partner is trying to tell you. You expect him/her to express their love, but instead you may hear a reproach about something that was expected of you and you haven’t done.

Don't take it personally, almost everyone will have a long face today and it's nobody's fault. Things happen.

Take advantage of the situation to enjoy silence and solitude.

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You’ll be going through some changes. You’re willing to change your work and finance structures, but you won’t be able to do it if you don’t reflect on what you’re spending your money on, what you expect from your daily life and what you ideal life is like.

Once you have answered all these questions, you’ll realize that what you’re wishing for is much less than you thought.

Much of what you’re wishing for is not something your soul desires, but things imposed by the society you live in. The ideas of people around you affect your way of thinking. Yo’ll find happiness once you understand that you can break free from others’ influence.

Take a piece of paper and note down all the things you can’t do without, things you need and things you have. You’ll see that you can save up much more if you focus on this concept.


Your physical energy will be at its best. You’ll feel great throughout the day. You may be a little introspective, but there’s nothing wrong with that, Leo.