Leo Daily Horoscope for May 1

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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Take advantage of this day off to spend time in the company of your loved one. Remember that life is what’s happening at this precise moment.

The moon next to the Venus in the fire sign Aries will illuminate you and give you fire and extreme passion.

You’ll feel reflected in a close person. You have no idea what it’s like until you live a situation like this. That’s why you’re one of the few people who can support him/her. You’ll be rewarded with great affection and it’ll help you realize that everything in life makes sense.

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Today you should rest and not get involved in arguments regarding the best way to manage your financial matters.

If you carry on worrying about your work issues, you won’t be able to rest. Forget about money and everything that has to do with it. If there’s enough food in your fridge and you’re surrounded by people you love, it’s more than you need to focus on other matters in your life. Tomorrow is another day, Leo.


Are you taking care of your silhouette? No one can do it for you. You’re the owner of your will and in order to feel healthy, you have to be in a good shape. If you don’t make any changes to your diet and bad habits, you’ll end up like most people: putting on weight together with the feelings of guilt and anxiety.

You have to take the bull by its horns. Remember that all habits take time to adapt to. It’s useless to starve one day and eat everything that comes to your hands the next one.

You must make changes gradually. Don’t be too ambitious on the first days. You won't notice any benefits right away, but if you're constant, you'll feel great in no time.