Leo Daily Horoscope for September 1

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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Today the stars will fill your day with sweet moments, Leo. The Moon in the conciliating sign of Libra will help you connect with your partner’s needs. Even those Leos who are single at the moment will be able to understand their ex-partners better.

This position of the Moon will help you leave your pride behind and give more space to empathy and consideration.

For once you won’t be the center of attention and you’ll be able to sacrifice your self-interest for the common good.

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You should keep your eyes wide open today, Leo. Magic Horoscope warns you about a possible problem. It can be a robbery or a theft in the high street. You may have to visit a very crowded public place which makes it difficult to detect thieves.

You’ll get some unexpected news that will change your financial prospects. If you want to take advantage of these changes, you must trust your intelligence, wisdom and decisions.

You can’t allow yourself to have doubts. If you want to change the course of events in your favor, a firm hand will be essential.


You’ve been very enthusiastic and energetic lately, which helped you deal with your daily problems and conflicts. However, this Sunday you’ll have to stop and establish new routines that allow you to rest more and eat healthily.

It’s pointless to spend all afternoon sleeping today and work non-stop next week so that you don’t even have time to breathe some fresh air.

Today you start a new stage in your life. Let September inspire you to take more care of your body and mind with dedication and constancy.