Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Life is a party for those born under your sign. Enjoy one of the best cycles of the year and have lots of fun surrounded by your loved ones this Saturday.

A person you’re mad about will approach you to propose a secret relationship. It’ll be up to you; think twice before you accept this challenging and tempting offer. This choice may change your life and things will never be the same. However, there’s nothing to be afraid of. All the big changes you made have always been for the better, Leo.

The youngest Leos will learn some important lessons that will help them grow. Compassion will be an important ingredient you’ll have to add to your life.

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Of all the signs you are the most benefited in material matters this week. The worst has already happened and now there’s nothing left to fear. You’ve learned the best way to manage your money and material gains and organize your resources. Now you’ll see that you have much more than you imagined.

Take advantage of this Saturday to organize your work and write down your projects. If you need to finish a presentation or a report for the next week, devote some time to them and do your best so that you get what you deserve.


Excesses are never good; neither restriction nor abundance. If you want to start a diet, make sure that it doesn’t lack the nutrients your body requires for its proper functioning.

Seek your doctor or a specialist’s advice. Fad diets are often dangerous because they don’t take into account the differences between one organism and another. Don’t let your friends convince you of something they don’t know.