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You haven’t managed to forget his/her fiery look since the first time you laid your eyes on him/her. This Sunday in the least expected place you’re going to meet that person who has awaked your passion and who you didn’t have a chance with.

Be careful and don’t let this out of this world encounter ruin your present relationship.

If you believe in past lives, this person could have been very close to you in another incarnation, but today you can’t be together. Don’t cross the line of fidelity and loyalty regarding your partner.   

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You’ll feel the need to search for an object from your past and you’ll come across lots of useless or broken things that you’ve accumulated.

You could dedicate a part of this Sunday to cleaning your house. Imagine all the space you’ll make for new things. When you make some new space, good vibratory energy flows, develops and brings more abundance.

You can't imagine the importance of a healthy empty space in your house. Feng shui puts a lot of emphasis on this issue. Accumulated clutter negatively influences, or even completely blocks, the flow of energy and events in many areas of your life.

There should be a space where tools and other seasonal objects such as tents or Christmas decorations are stored, properly protected from dust and dirt and organized to be easily found. You’ll see how the energy of abundance will come back to your life.


Treat yourself to the most relaxing and liberating bath ever. Your body and emotions could be affected by stress. Water is very beneficial to calm down negative emotions and contact with your heart.

Fill the tub with warm water and then add a few drops of lavender and violet essential oils, you'll get optimal relaxation and renew your vitality.