Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope



Your friends are asking you for understanding and attention, listen to them.

You've been running around, but rushing has distracted your attention from some of your affairs, Leo. You’re forgetting an important part of your life and today you’ll be reminded of it.

Try to make a space in your agenda to dedicate time for that special friend who’s worth it. Keep your mobile phone in your pocket, look at their eyes, listen to what they have to say, it’s important for both of you.

You’ll feel excited to be able to help your friend. Your souls will be filled with joy.

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Change your mind if you want to change this day. You've got out of bed thinking you won't be able to take on your financial responsibilities, when you actually know you can handle it all.

Visiting an important person today could help you make your dreams come true. You could spend a part of the day making a presentation of your ideas so that you can show it to more potential investors.

Sit down and take a pencil, a piece of paper and describe all your ideas. You could illustrate them with photographs to make your dossier more dynamic and attractive.

Your lucky number today is 1331.


The pain in the neck could lead to big problems if not treated.

Most of your activities are harmful to your neck; even reading on your mobile phone can be dangerous.

Today it’s just stiffness when making a certain move, but a few weeks later it may become chronic pain.

You could be suffering from headaches and muscle stiffness that will go worse if not treated. Tingling hands, dizziness, persistent pain are clear signs of a problem in this area of your spine. See a specialist as soon as possible.