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You’ll wake up very doubtful regarding your feelings. You’re not sure if you want to be with that person or not.  

It seems unfair, since you really wished for a relationship like that in the near past. However, today you don’t feel the way you imagined you would and it makes you feel guilty.

You could spend some time on your own to reflect on your feelings and evaluate all the aspects of this relationship: its ups and downs, what you give and receive in it.

Your sexual energy levels are often too high and it causes you dissatisfaction. Don't let your physical demands spoil your spiritual connection.

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If you decide to attend that family get-together, don’t cut corners when it comes to gifts. Many people will be observing you and focusing on your expenses. Many of these relationships may lead you to future source of abundance, business opportunities and important contacts which will help you meet interesting people.

Those born under your sign tend to be very lucky, since they attract everybody’s attention wherever they go.

Today Leo’s lucky number is 47. This number will help you choose the right moment to act regarding your matters.


If you spend too much time locked up in front of a computer or in a place without sunlight, you’ll end up lacking vital energy. Your ruling planet is the Sun, Leo. You need its rays, heat and luminosity to feel vital and in good health. Whenever you have a break, grab the chance to sit down and read or simply daydream in the fresh air enjoying sunlight. Remember that sun exposure may be dangerous, so enjoy sun safely, choosing the right time and sunscreen.