Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today the moon will enter your sign making you feel more sensitive. You’ll be eager to take a new direction regarding the way you approach your loved ones.

Listen to your heart, but don’t despair if you don’t get the desired answer. You’ll realize that you should react in a different way when facing threatening situations. Otherwise, you seem like a scared baby when things don’t go the way you imagined.

Today you’ll learn an important lesson. You’ll find a key that will help you improve all your affective relationships.  

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These days you’ll be more distracted than usual. Today is no exception, Leo. Your mind is somewhere else and this could lead you to a failure when it comes to today’s obligations.

If you focus, you’ll get away with it.

Pay attention to malicious comments at work. You may have to prevent possible problems due to these comments. It's best to take precautions and don't trust people who don't love you.

Appeal to your creative force and dignity. You’ll have the opportunity to choose between two very different and clear paths. Don't be carried away by doubt and follow the right path.


Take advantage of good astrological transits to take care of your hair and scalp. It’s much more than a question of aesthetics.

Beautiful hair speaks of good health. If you hair has changed in texture or quantity, if you suffer from weak hair or hair loss, if your scalp itches due to dandruff or an inflammatory skin condition, pay attention to it, since it can be a sign of an internal problem which can be cured with some help.