Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Today, thanks to Venus, you’ll look in the mirror and see the beauty that lies inside you. This will help you increase your self-esteem. Loving yourself more will help you express the love you feel for others.

You’ll spread love and affection to everyone, especially, to your closest relatives. The relationship with your children and partner will be very harmonious. Why don’t you and your family do something creative, such as a craft project? Painting a picture together and hanging it on the wall may be a lot of fun and a great memory for the future.

If you’re single, your close friends may introduce you to a person with a special magnetism. You’ll be able to attract his/her attention thanks to the Goddess of love. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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Today you’ll be worried about your economy and material resources. You're waiting for the news about a sale you've been trying to make for some time. There’s nothing to worry about; a potential buyer will get in touch with you. If you play your cards well and take advantage of your communicative skills, it’s very likely that you’ll close the deal.

At work you’ll feel a little insecure. Being late or daydreaming will be noticed by your boss. If there is something at work that you’re worried about, stop imagining possible scenarios and talk to your boss. That way you'll be more focused and calmer.


Today will be one of those days when you’ll have mixed feelings regarding your health. You’ll find it difficult to decide whether you should lie on the couch and relax or do some sports.Leo, don’t let laziness take over you! If you don't practice any particular sport, just go for a 30-minute walk. Your body will appreciate it, your mood will improve and you'll sleep much better.