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You’re so sincere that sometimes this virtue turns into a problem. Honesty may lead you to offend a close person you love very much. Make sure you know the difference between sincerity and rudeness. A negative attitude could ruin your peaceful relationship and ripen your Sunday breakfast into a disaster.

Cosmic vibration shows that you’ll be very irritable and might even act rudely when expressing your needs or problems. It’s a good day to start developing nicer ways to manifest yourself.

Younger Leos may end up arguing with their parents, especially if they depend on them economically or emotionally.

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You have to avoid wasting your money when having fun. However, you won’t regret it if you manage not to buy that expensive object or service that you can’t afford right now. It’s not that you’re not worth it. It’s just that it’s not the right time.

This Sunday your lucky number is 37. This figure inspires people to look for the treasure of their existence in affective matters in any of its forms. It’ll lead you to look for simplicity of existence and turn each moment with friends into a party.


Don't neglect your well-being for a short-term benefit. The pleasure of eating and drinking is a problem if you let yourself be led astray. Remember that copious meals make you feel very bad and you shouldn’t keep drinking until you feel physical discomfort or get dizzy.

Moderation is the key. You’ll feel better if you manage to create some doable healthy habits and stick to them effortlessly and naturally.