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If you’re single or you feel lonely even when you’re with people, don’t blame yourself, Leo, the right person for you hasn’t appeared on your horizon yet.  

Don't relativize all your experiences; you've been pretending for a long time that all your pain doesn't exist and you've only made it worse.

Saying “It’s ok” is just a way to protect yourself from pain. With the passage of time this attitude will lead you to an impossible present. When you want to find a rational explanation for things that happen and things you don’t like, it’s time to wake up.

Today a friend will show you something you’ve been denying in your life, try to listen and not get away.

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These are hard times when it comes to economy and money. The culture of consumerism may lead you to abyss when it comes to your credit cards.

Don’t forget that you’re a master of what you own and a slave of what you owe. That’s why this Friday you shouldn’t be impulsive; compare the prices in the market before you purchase any item.

A bad aspect of Mercury and Saturn make you restrict your expenses so that later you don’t feel desperate about not being able to afford your excesses.


You might be tempted to go back to a noxious habit you've managed to give up.

Whether it's smoking, binge drinking, eating junk food or sleeping poorly, try to get back to your healthy habits.

If you’ve left behind some of the pillars that sustain a better quality of life, today is a good day to come back to them. Mars in Aries will help you have energy to improve your health and well-being.

 Physical exercise, walking, not skipping breakfast, drinking plenty of fluids and sleeping at least seven hours a day are simple actions that will benefit you.