Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Jupiter continues retrograde in a fire sign and it’ll make you revise the objective of your love life and think if you’re fulfilling your dreams or letting the flood of life take you to another port.

When people hurt you, you tend to let them get away with it. However, it makes you feel very uncomfortable and may even lead you to explode over small-scale domestic conflicts.

You’re about to open the door to a different realm of relationship that will take you to another level. Don’t be afraid to try something new; you’re evolving and sometimes it may hurt and other times surprise you.

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You’ll be inspired today which will attract all sorts of unexpected benefits to your life.

Your intuition will guide you to a place that will open up new possibilities regarding your profession. You may ask for a scholarship to study in your country or abroad since today is a lucky day for Leos. Don’t wait or doubt it; present all the necessary papers and documents for this adventure. You’ll stand out in everything you do.

Your lucky number today is 123. This number will remind you of the importance of taking little steps in order to reach the top. Go slowly but steadily.


You can turn this day into a great day for your health and your organism. You’ll be able to do any activity you want. Your willpower will be strengthened by the astral position.

Don’t put off the plan of your personal care you have in mind. As soon as you take action, you’ll feel very proud of your capacity to focus your energy and generate positive changes in your life.