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Beware of a person who’s going to approach you for the sole purpose of getting some information about your relationship. Don’t ignore these attempts to spy on you. You must be very careful because your relationship is in danger.

Leos tend to absorb themselves in their own matters and sit on a pedestal of self-importance. It may lead you to drop your guard regarding this important issue.

Don’t forget that if he/she has seduced you and made you care, he/she must be loved by someone else.

Single Leos may be sure that gossip is going to spoil their seduction or courtship plans they had in mind.

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You’ll give it all to get what you really want. Nobody does it like Leos, who know how to get to the top in a short time.

You’ll be full of vibrant energy and eager to show your skills in this long-awaited meeting.

Leo, don’t hesitate to say what you need. If you're going to ask for something, make it big.

When it comes to gambling, today is not your day, Leo. You could be mistaken by your sixth sense and lose a lot of money or even spend what you don’t have. Save that money for the future, you'll need it for your business affairs.


If you happen to pay a visit to your family doctor today and he or she prescribes you some medication, inform yourself about pills you’re going to take.  

The stars warn you about the possibility of suffering from intoxication or strong side effects of medication. Therefore, if you’re about to take new medicine, check every detail to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Write down everything your doctor tells you in order not to make a mistake which could lead you to physical discomfort.