Leo Magic Horoscope 5
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Leo, today you’ll still be guided by your impulses but you’ll control yourself a little more. If you have offended your partner in a heated discussion, make sure you apologize. Although you hate admitting you’re wrong, you’ll see how grateful your better half will be once you do it. You'll be very happy with everything you've accomplished together and you'll let you partner know it.

If you have children, today is a great day to engage in an outdoor activity with them. Fly a kite or go to a park to observe some plants and animals They’ll love it!

If you're single, be careful when talking to the person you like. You may unwillingly imply that sometimes you’re a bit possessive, which will make your date run away.

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You’ll come across some unexpected money. It'll be a small amount and you'll probably find it in the form of a note between the seats of a bus or on a corner as you turn the street. You'll look both ways, and since you won't see anyone looking for it, you'll keep it in your pocket. Don't waste it, Leo! You've been waiting for a lucky break for some time and this is the first sign you'll receive.

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to set up your own business, this is it! Astral energies will give you everything you need to take the right steps: balance when making decisions, big dreams and enthusiasm.


Your feet will be a little swollen due to the Moon's influence on Pisces. Magic Horoscope recommends that after a long working day you soak them in warm water with a little bit of salt for a few minutes. Then dry them and massage both your feet and ankles with rosemary or sage oil.

On a spiritual level, you’ll be willing to establish a routine that helps you balance your physical and inner life. Yoga and meditation are exactly what you’re looking for.