Leo Daily Horoscope for April 12

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This day will be full of intense emotional energy that will help you free yourself from things that do you wrong and interfere with your relationships. It’s time to resolve conflicts that have been affecting you for a long time.

You’ll feel optimistic and eager to overcome the pitfalls of the past. Today’s planetary alignments will help you change everything that is taking you back.

If you need to reinforce your energies, you may perform a simple ritual. If you believe in archangels, ask Zadquiel, a patron of forgiveness and mercy, for help. He’ll help you feel more freedom and transmutation. Light a violet candle in his honor.

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Today at work you’ll have to face some conflictive and arrogant people. The bad attitude they have towards you will become evident when you’ll be offered a promotion or a business trip. Don’t worry about it; other workmates will notice their behavior and they’ll get out what they put in.

The only way to conquer your desires is to put your heart and soul into it. It’s not enough to dream; you have to make your dreams come true, Leo. It’s a perfect day to start a journey towards you’re the realization of your dreams.


Astral influences will lead you to extreme sensitivity. You’ll be prone to allergies and food poisoning. That's why you need to be very careful with what you eat today. If possible, avoid going to restaurants or ordering food because it may contain some ingredients in poor condition or unknown to your digestive system.

Prepare something light for dinner. A broth with pumpkin puree or some brown rice seasoned with olive oil will do you good.