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Leo, the benefits that the stars bring you this season are endless.

Your life will be filled with positive vibes and you may discover that some issues that seemed problematic will actually lead you to sweet experiences.

The transformation that you’ve been through is reaching its peak and, therefore, you’ll be able to break free of heavy chains that have been dragging you down. Freeing yourself will allow you to enjoy love in a different way.

The youngest Leos will have a very special date which will be the beginning of a tender relationship. You’ll feel blessed by the stars!

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If you want to save some money, you have to change your ways when it comes to your expenses and consumption. If you want to change your furniture or fix your car, you’ll have to refrain from going out and spending money on things that are not essential. The week has just begun so you’ll have time to ask for a loan or compare different prices and budgets.

Take advantage of Mercury entering your sign and focus your mental energy on email, calls, trips and business in general. Mercury will help you refine and give shape to various issues of this nature. Leos born in the first deanery will be especially favored. Your professional matters may take a positive turn thanks to this influence.  


Those born under the sign of Leo may expect vibrating energy and happiness this Monday. Everything you’ve been waiting for will come to your life smoothly and softly; therefore, your nervous system won’t be affected. It’s time to enjoy temperance and optimism.