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Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’ll feel that things are confusing and that intuition will lead you to sneak into your partner’s privacy. The one who searches, finds, Leo.

There are things you didn’t know about your partner, but have in mind, that you also have them.

It’s normal to have secrets when you’re in a long relationship, so don’t panic or judge him/her for the things you do, too.

The problem with secrets is that the longer they are kept, the worse they affect people when discovered.

Try not to get upset and take it easy.

Keep in mind that if you’ve violated the privacy of others, you’ll have to listen to their fair reproaches.

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Today you’ll receive a very disturbing call. You’ll get news about problems at work; however, it’ll be difficult to know if they’re as serious as this person tells you.

You’ll spend the rest of the day making assumptions and calculations. At certain point your internal dialogue will overwhelm you; you’ll ask and answer the same questions a thousand times.

This Saturday will be detective-like, Leo. If you have a negative attitude of fear and concern, you’ll give out. Rather play Sherlock and sharpen your intelligence.


The stars are asking you to focus. Today’s aspect could be an alarm for you to take care of your nails, especially toenails that have been neglected.  

If you haven't looked after your nails, today is a good day to examine their color, texture and pamper them.

Your nails reveal your inner health and could warn you about bigger problems. Stains, weakness, anomalous colorations could be linked to different deficiencies or infections that need to be treated.