Leo Daily Horoscope for June 12

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- Love
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- Health


Your astral circle is full of secrets and hidden matters. You may have a sexual encounter with someone who is already committed to another person. You imagine it as something exciting but think of the consequences that this adventure could lead you to in your life.

Reality is very different from your imagination. If you let illusion take over you, you’ll lose lots of social bonds and you may even put the peace of your daily life at risk.

Things seem different in the movies. Discovery and revelation of long-hidden secrets and lies may lead you to intense arguments.

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Your efforts are going to be rewarded. You’ll be benefited due to your performance at work and get a surprise or a bonus.  

The good thing about others appreciating your dedication is that it’ll encourage you to look for new horizons and challenges. Today planetary alignments will bring you new partners or workmates who you can set out on a new path with.

The lucky number for those born under your sign today is 5. This number is a symbol of independence, freedom and responsibility. Its energy favors changes and strengthens your self-confidence.


Get rid of those habits that lead you to digestive disorders and constant discomfort. If you’ve already discovered which foods are bad for your health, you shouldn’t insist on them even if you love them.

Watching what you eat is a way to love yourself. If you don’t measure the quantity of fat or sugar that you eat when you’re distracted, you’ll have to suffer the consequences. Eating while thinking about something else, watching TV or discussing with your family are bad habits that we all have. Think about every bite and your health will improve noticeably.