Leo Daily Horoscope for May 12

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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Your wishes end up coming true, you’ve seen it yourself. All you have to do is focus all your strength and emotional energy on your desires. Venus is still in the fire sign of Aries and this will benefit those born in the third deanery in love matters.

Leos born from 21st to 30th of July will find themselves under lots of pressure due to planetary aspects and may be involved in unexpected arguments.

The Moon will cause intense emotional outbursts that will come from your deepest feelings, although you might not be aware of them. You’ll feel confused and eager to spend some time alone and reflect on your life.

However, your closest family and friends will play an important role this Sunday.   

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You may feel you’re not able to achieve your goals you’ve set for this season. You thought you were going to save up a certain amount of money and that’s not the case. Don’t get upset or disappointed.

Life gives new opportunities to those who have hope. You may think of a new plan that will take you towards better economy.

You’ll have to face some unexpected expenses that will make your plan wobble. Don’t worry; there are many different ways to increase your income that you’re not aware of. Spend some time researching new business opportunities. You’ll see that there are always solutions to problems. Sometimes they come when least expected.  


Listening to your body and paying attention to the signals it sends you are some of the best ways to maintain good health. You often feel hungry when you’re actually thirsty or you eat simply because you see food you like on a table, even though you’re full.

Start talking to your body. Breathe deeply and feel every limb, every organ, your skin and your hair, and learn to recognize its signals.