Leo Magic Horoscope 6
Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You want to get rid of the feeling of boredom in the area of love, Leo. You will feel like breaking the routine and will dare to tell your partner one of the sexual fantasies you’ve had in mind for a while. You willing to carry out these fantasies is just as respectable as your partner choosing not to do them, so if you get a negative answer you’d better not be angry or frustrated. If the answer is positive, then enjoy without remorse!

If you’re single but have been secretly seeing someone you’re really attracted to, the Stars will give you the courage you needed to ask this person to go a step further and be your partner.

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Impulsive online shopping is really trendy now. The change of seasons will make you wish to update your wardrobe but, have you considered if you need everything you’re purchasing? You should check your clothes and see what you can reuse from last year and then consider what you really need. Your wallet and the planet will thank you for this, Leo.

A client of your company could put your patience to a test and your first reaction will be impulsive and you won’t really think of it before acting. You need to learn how to be patient, Leo, no matter if the client isn’t always right, try to explain to them the situation kindly and give them possible solutions to their problems.


You will grind your teeth all day long today and this will cause your jaw to hurt during the afternoon. Stress sometimes shows like this in your body and you need to stay alert. When you find yourself in a tense situation that is overwhelming you, ask for a time for yourself, go to a quiet environment (better outdoors) and breathe deeply with awareness for a few minutes. You will see that after it you see things differently.