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The joy you’ll feel today depends on your inner harmony and the emphasis you place on trying to have good relationships with others. No one can give you the peace you need; it’s something that must come from you.

The way you face others’ actions is important for your change. Try not to worry about things you can’t change. Never mind if you don’t feel recognized; it’s actually a good sign that bad moments of the past won’t come back.

If you’re one of those Leos who have experienced repetitive relationship patters lately, there’s good news for you. This cycle has been closed with the last eclipse in your life. Learn from the experiences past relationships have left in your soul. Today you start a new journey in your life.

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Take care of your personal belongings since today they could be lost or stolen. Keep your mobile phone where you can see it. Close all your windows and lock the door when you leave house.  

Luck is on your side; however, if you drop your guard, you could lose an essential object.

Your leadership skills and image may be overshadowed by a colleague who’s beginning to stand out. Don't be jealous. Everyone will have their moment in the spotlight and your leadership and visibility will rise again at any moment. When it comes to your self-esteem, only one opinion truly matters - your own.


The astrological trend points out thatLeos may suffer from renal area problems today. If you feel discomfort when urinating don’t neglect it because it could be a bladder inflammation. If you don’t have an infection but the discomfort persists, try drinking cranberry juice to make it better. Consult your family doctor if you can drink this rich and healing natural juice.