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The Moon is in Virgo and suggests you revise the image you have of yourself and how much you’ve gained or lost due to your self-criticism.

It’s time to clean up both inside and outside. Remember how many times you’ve felt despised lately and think about what you’ve given and received.

Do you feel that your relationships are balanced? If you don’t, maybe it’s time to talk openly. Saying fearlessly what you feel may be very positive if you know how to show moderation and listen to what others say.

However, you may unintentionally hurt someone, so be careful.

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Your week will start wonderfully. The stars will help you consolidate business that you’ve been working on for days.

It’s also a good day to present written work or make arrangements that are linked to ways that may help you earn money in the future. Take advantage of the available energy to make calls, send letters, emails and anything else you see necessary to communicate with those people who can help.

You’ll be able to solve some riddles in your daily life. Learning to decode signs will bring you lots of benefits at work.

You’ll be lucky if you follow the path of patience and perseverance. The facets of your material life will be greatly influenced by your attitude towards life.

Don’t lose faith in your allies, as they’ll help you deal with an annoying situation.


If you’re one of those Leos who have problems with sugar and a possibility of diabetes, pay close attention to your habits. It’s time to change some of them, especially your breakfast. Cut out all the products that contain sugar.