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The full moon in the area of love will make emotions overflow and you will feel more in love than ever with your partner. Leo, you will project your love and happiness and this will be corresponded. Today you will feel like the passion between you two is from another world. You want to seduce them and can use some sexual toy to introduce something new in your relationship. It will be a success, Leo!

Single Leos will try some unethical challenge, such as flirting with a married person, and will have fun with some adult conversations. You need to know that nothing will happen, today is not the best day to begin a relationship.

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A relative of yours will ask you to act as an intermediary in a sale that is almost closed. Take advantage and add your margin to this sale, this way you will earn some extra money. Of course, tell your relative beforehand so there’s no misunderstanding.

Be careful with the trap of online business that present themselves as “a business of your own that implies little work, working from home or travelling around the world, and a lot of profit”. This type of advertising is false and is very likely to hide a scam. There are many online businesses if you want to work from home, just be well informed of the options you have.

When you’re relaxing on the sofa this Sunday, you will see yourself as the boss of the company you’re working for. You still have a lot to prove before you get to this point.


A family issue will keep you awake tonight. There’s a conversation you need to have with a parental figure and you’re avoiding it. You don’t want any type of conflict, but there’s an important issue that you need to resolve.

If you keep putting off this conversation you will end up getting sick. Remember that the body somatises the emotions we repress.