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If you have a partner, you’re about to do something that will put your relationship at risk. Planetary alignment shows possible short-term love affairs that will lead you to actions that you may regret later if you don’t take your time to think about them first. Those born under your sign are known for being extremely passionate and self-confident, which makes you think that you’re always right when making decisions.

However, although you might find it hard to admit, you’ve made more than one mistake.

When you’re in a long-term relationship, things may get very boring and monotonous. You need to have more patience and reignite the passion in order not to lose trust.

Single Leos should take more care of their public image and prevent it from murmurings and criticisms of moral nature.

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There is some good news for you, Leo! If you’re waiting for a response to an important job application or a scholarship to study, you’ll receive a notification that will bring you immense happiness!

Sharing your abundance with those who have less will make you feel great. Take advantage of this moment of your life when the stars are on your side and do what you can to help those who are less fortunate.

Your lucky number today is 77. In Tarot this number represents material success and joy and corresponds to the Ace of Pentacles, which shows that generosity brings you splendor and brightness.   


You’ll feel great today and you should take advantage of it to thank the Universe for your good health and take care of your body. Make time to cook a wonderful home-made meal, buy some organic vegetables and make a delicious salad to get all the necessary vitamins.