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A conflict with your children could trigger an argument with your partner, a fight to see who knows how to deal with the situation. It will be a conflict of power and nobody will win. You need to agree when it comes to important issues, such as the education of your children. If you disagree at any point, remember not to argue in front of them.

Your vitality will slowly decay in the area of love and you will feel more like staying at home. The winning combination will be sofa + series + popcorn with your loved one.

Single Leo, you will find closure from a period in your life when you used to be more focused on brief adventures without commitment. From now on, you will try to find someone with whom you can spend more than just a fling.

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A friend will let you know about their experience with an online course about basic finances that was very useful in their family economy. You know you can be a great spender sometimes, Leo, especially when it comes to personal care, so why don’t you take this course as well and learn how to save better at the end of the month?

Sometimes, you find it difficult to balance your professional and your family life, Leo. You will try to find a solution to organise your time better today. You could ask your boss to work from home a couple of days a week if you happen to work online. If you have another type of job, maybe you could benefit from intensive workdays.


You will receive very good news regarding the results of a test you had done some weeks ago.

You must work out your mind, your brain is one more muscle. The Magic Horoscope recommends Sudoku puzzles, they will be a fantastic solution for this objective.