Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


This Saturday you may feel very uncomfortable in your own home, Leo.People who should take care of you and be nice to you will be very hostile and selfish.

Try not to act aggressively since instead of improving the situation, you’ll only make it worse.

Learning to stay away from the drama and letting go of the need to be right won’t be easy but it’ll be worth it.

Leos who are single will find emotional refuge in a close friend who they can always talk to and rely on. Going out to clear your mind is the best thing you can do this afternoon.

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You’ll finally leave your problems behind although there are still some issues you must take care of.

It's time to trust your organizational abilities and your savings skills.

You’ll have some opportunities to prosper which you’ll be able to take advantage of if you collaborate with your partners or colleagues who support you. Teamwork is the key to success. Cooperation will teach you how to work in a group, delegate your tasks and trust your team members.

The lucky number for those born under your sign today is 75. This number has the vibration of certainties and is here to remind you that you’re on the right track. Make sure you follow your heart and connect with your perception before you take a decisive step in your life.


Your biggest problem is anxiety. Suffering for what may possibly happen is not good for your physical or mental health. Every step you take in anticipating a situation makes you more tired.

Try to avoid obsessive inner dialogue. Remember that you’re your own master and your well-being depends only on you. Practice some mindfulness techniques and learn to be here and now.