Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


If you finally dare to say all you feel, you may get a spectacular response. You have no idea how long he/she has been waiting for you. Your words of love are priceless.

These sweet and tender words are the key to the stern heart.

You are unbeatable and no one can resist when you set out to love and be loved. You come from sequences of the eclipse in your sign and it’s still hard for you to assimilate that the change has come and is here to stay. There’s no turning back. You’ll see yourself reflected in that person who you have been thinking about and doubting for so long.

Sharing your life sincerely will lead you to healing your soul. Don’t block it with fear of being rejected.

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You will become even more open-minded than usual due to the astrological aspects that accompany you. If you are one of those who work from home, you’ll have fantastic new ideas.  Great things are awaiting you, although you’ll have to invest.Saving is fundamental.

You’ll have great ideas to carry out at work. However, don't take your work home for the weekend.

Those who are looking for a new job will have the opportunity to show their entrepreneurial skills, enthusiasm and leadership by working in a team.


The negative aspects of Mars in Leo will affect those who were born in the first deanery of your sign. You might have slight fever and inflammation in your throat.

If you have something to say, don't keep it to yourself, Leo. If you are angry with someone try to tell them the problem gently and find a way to solve the conflict.

When people get angry, it’s their throat that suffers most since stress weakens this part of your body and this is when viruses attack.