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Today you’ll be focused on understanding what others want from you, which will turn this day into the day of conquests.

Empathy favors your connection with others and the affect it has when it comes to seducing.

Take advantage of this condition that the stars give you to smooth things over. Today’s good attitude towards your partner can free you from arguments for many days.

Single Leos will meet some conquering glances and may get more than one romantic proposal. Don’t rule out the possibility to get to know someone who you’ve been attracted to for a while.

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The sums haven’t been adding up lately because of your overconfidence when it comes to your income.

The problem is that according to you, you’re the only one who takes care of your issues, but you forget the outside world.

Someone around you tends to boycott your companies and it’ll continue happening if you avoid facing reality.

Open your eyes, Leo, you’ll be able to take care of these subtle betrayals that you face every day.


Your good vibes attract many people, but not all of them vibrate like you.

You might suddenly find yourself surrounded by energy vampires who do nothing but exude negative energy that drains you and charge you with low vibrations.

At the last minute, Magic Horoscope recommends you to have energetic cleansing of your aura field. It’ll bring back your positivity and good attitude.

Get a bouquet of rue or rosemary and with your left hand run it all over your body as if it were a magic broom. Sweep and expel from your body everything undesirable so you can evolve and be in harmony with yourself. Then take a warm shower.

It’ll make you feel great.