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The moon in the cold and reflective sign of Capricorn will lead you to meditate on some arguments you might have experienced recently. Your partner and you said some things you didn’t mean and you know you’re as responsible for the distance between you as he/she is. You shouldn’t be dramatic about the situation. Just try to realize the importance of every gesture and attitude. Your words affect your affective reality.

Single Leos should take time to think about the weight they’ve been dragging from the past and the difficulties they have when they want to establish respectful links between their and others’ points of view. Think if you want and if you’re ready to start a serious relationship.

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Beware of insidious gossip and comments about someone at work, as you might get carried away by the evil of others and get into trouble.

Try to focus on your tasks and don’t let distractions drain your energy or attention. This way your day will go smoothly.

You’re about to open many doors that used to be closed. Tough times are coming to an end and abundance will come back to you. That’s why joy may come in the shape of commitments and work to be done. Don’t complain about it; soon you’ll be able to have a longer holiday.

If you want to attract more money, there’re some simple rituals that you can perform with very few elements. Get a magnetite and carry it in your pocket or purse.


The energy of the moon in the earth sign will help you become more aware of your postures. Try to sit and stand with a more aligned spine and this way suffer less from a backache.