Leo Daily Horoscope for June 15

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The moon in the sign of Sagittarius promises you a wonderful night. You could be living a dream without realizing it. Your wishes to travel and adventurous future plans could come true with a person you’ve never imagined. Enjoy sharing your time and joy with him/her.

Leo, don’t miss an opportunity like this. Don’t let unimportant matters spoil your mood and lead you to arguments. Focus on what really matters. If your partner is Cancer or Virgo, beware not to immerse yourself into endless fights.  

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Your economy is at its best and you have great growth possibilities awaiting you; however, you won’t be able to avoid envy behind your back. There are people who treat you nicely, but once you walk away, they act like vampires who drain your energy. Be very careful as you will have to pay the price for your mistakes. These people are waiting to see your flaws to stab you in the back.

It might be a good idea to put off some issues until the next week when you’ll be more benefited by the stars regarding financial matters.

You should perform a protection ritual. Light a purple candle for two hours at midday. Remember to invoke universal spirits of energy transmutation. This color is used to find the positive side of all things and thus put them in your favor.


Today you may feel the need to do physical activity, move, dance or even ride a horse if you’re able to do it. This is how vibrant your energy will be.

You could feel like eating certain foods and have cravings in the afternoon. If you’re on a diet, don’t let them take over you. You could alter the rhythm of your organism and that would make you feel bad.