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Planetary positions favor everything that has to do with romance today. You and the person you desire will be able to understand each other and show affection. The lunar influence will soften your passion and add sweetness to your relationship.

Today is a perfect day to look for intimacy. Your sublime sexuality will make love encounters unforgettable.

Some plans may arise for the weekend which will make your dreams come true. Pack your suitcase, since there’s a possibility of a trip in the sky!

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It’s a perfect day to show your abilities when it comes to work.

No one will be able to deny your skills and you’ll be praised and rewarded by your bosses or superiors. Those who own a company or enterprise will have the possibility of increasing their clientele.

Natural magic can help you perform better and attract luck. Aloe Vera plant is very beneficial. Before you plant it, put seven coins in the soil and a green ribbon between its leaves. Place a flowerpot with this magical plant in your workplace and wait for it to increase your sales, protect your work and attract abundance.

The lucky number for those born under the sign of Leo today is 51. This number represents harmony, truth, movement and creativity. Meditate on this energy.  


When you start a new path towards better health, it’s normal that sometimes you have a relapse regarding your diet or physical exercise, for example.

It’s not easy to keep up with your healthy habits and sometimes it makes you return to the behavior of the past. Don’t despair; focus on your achievements no matter how little they are. Remember that every step is milestone.