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If you stick to the past, you can lose your present. You may be asking for something your partner cannot give you. Don’t be sad or disappointed because of that. Each person is different; just try to value more what you have now.

You’ve already had many conversations about your partner’s defects that irritate you. You have to understand that they’re simply a part of his/her personality.

Instead of asking for changes, learn to accept these features. Of course, if you don't like the way your partner is, you can walk away. However, forcing things won’t do anyone any good.

Singe Leos will have a melancholic Sunday. Your past will play the main role today.

Memories are not a good place to stay, Leo. Dry those tears and be grateful for your experiences.

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When you tidy up your closets or make the shopping list, pay attention to what you have and what’s missing in your life. This way you’ll become fully aware of where your money goes and how you can save it.

You may have too many clothes to wear; you probably don’t even like most of them. Check if you have useless things you bought in dollar stores only because they were cheap.

Leos are known for being generous and lending a hand to whoever needs it. This Sunday you’ll be eager to make a donation and give away the objects you don’t need. You’ll enjoy getting rid of things that only waste your energy.


Your need to satisfy your senses may lead you to overindulge in eating.

Don’t let gluttony take over you. Remember that the temptations you succumb to today are tomorrow's great sacrifice.

You don’t like following diets, so at least try to cut down on sweets and trinkets.

If you control yourself, you may eat a little bit of everything. Just don’t overdo it!