Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Today is a perfect day to focus on your family and home affairs.

You’ll spend the morning trying to solve problems that are not entirely yours but worry you a lot.

The aspects of Jupiter at night are favorable for a passionate encounter. You can spice up your intimate life with toys or a movie that can help get you both into the mood.

If you are single, you’ll have a possibility to show all your charming virtues to this attractive person you know. You’ll be on fire and receive all the necessary attention to shine and give your best.

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If you share your home with friends or family, you may have to put up with some arguments about money or the misuse of housing resources. It’s normal to have these problems when living together.

People tend to find it difficult to listen to others’ needs and thoughts when it comes to sharing a place. Learn the art of listening. Arising problems usually have to do a lot with misadministration and disagreements about the previous financial plan.  

You could arrange a meeting of all the people involved in which you could talk about your needs and limitations in a gentle way and come to an agreement together. Everyone will appreciate your generosity, efficiency and initiative to organize this get-together to solve common problems. You’re the best in these matters, Leo.


After a day when you've given your best, reward yourself.  If possible, get a relaxing massage. It’s one of the best therapies you can have.

It’ll help you oxygenate all areas of your skin, improve your metabolism and make you feel great, which is the best way to finish your Saturday.