Leo Daily Horoscope for January 16

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You like feeling confident and free when it comes to love relationships; however, you become very jealous when your partner looks in the other direction.

You’ll feel that the sky is falling down on your head when you suspect cheating or betrayal. Your partner seems to be eclipsed by the appearance of an enigmatic and highly attractive person.

Take action instead of suffering. You’re the king of the jungle, Leo, no one should ever cast a shadow on you. However, your usual careless attitude could play against you this time.

Don’t be afraid to show your interest, otherwise, you could miss opportunities.

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You’re very generous when sharing your benefits and property. When you see others in need, you give it all.

You’ll be recognized for things you’ve shared, and maybe it’s all about feeding your ego and demanding more of yourself.

Remember that you’re very sensitive to flattery and keep a cool head when deciding if that person deserves more help from you or it's time that they take responsibility for their needs.

Not all people are honest and you are mistaken if you think everyone behaves the same way you do. Don't fool yourself, Leo.

Your intuition will accompany you today, listen to it.

Your lucky number today is 144.


Today you’ll feel very vital. But Leos born in the last deanery will have to be very careful when manipulating cutting tools such as knives or working machinery.

The stars are warning you about a possible accident. Although it won’t be serious, it may leave an unpleasant scar.

Being aware of every step you take is a way of protecting yourself from this tense situation caused by the stars.