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This Tuesday planet alignment may cause conflicts in the area of feelings and relationships. An encounter between Mars and Mercury will attract discussions and summon the ghosts of the past who will return to generate discord.

Don’t look into your past mistakes and let them affect your present, Leo. You’re like the Sun which shines every morning and never goes back; it always goes towards the future and enjoys the present.

Try to solve any lawsuit as soon as possible since the active eclipse of the Moon may lead you to problems and sadness.

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You’re about to find new ways to increase your income and take a big step towards better future solving many of the problems you had in the past.

If you want to increase your luck with the help of aromatherapy, burn some cinnamon incense. It’ll help you get rid of negative and stagnant energy in your environment and allow you to open the doors towards better business and abundance of the Universe.


Beware of people who try to manipulate your mood and cause you discomfort. It’s easy to take advantage of people like you who are so kind and fresh; and drain their energy. You may be giving too much of yourself when fighting or arguing. Your health is worth more and you have better things to do. Run away from conflictive and toxic people who don't contribute anything to your life.