Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Today you’ll be hungry for love conquests and romantic adventures. If you’re in a relationship, don’t let your impulses carry you away and cause you trouble with a close person in your family. 

In the afternoon a meeting with an old friend will make you somewhat sad. You might notice that you don’t have things in common anymore and your approach to life is so different it’s almost incompatible. You’ll find it hard to keep the conversation going since every word will distance you even more. Be patient, people change over time and in the future you may find that you share the same point of view on various issues again.

Single Leos will be favored by the stars to conquer the one they’re interested in.

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Today is a perfect day to invest in redecoration of your house. The moon in the sign of Cancer will impel you in the morning to make your home more comfortable and beautiful. You could change your curtains or furniture in your living or dining room.

Making small changes in your environment will increase the flow of prosperity. You could get a plant like Sansevieria, also known by the name of Sword of St. George. This plant protects and cleans the environment where it’s placed. It’s a very powerful plant which attracts good vibes and well-being.


Planetary alignments today warn you about possible problems with your legs and calves. The pain in this part of the body is quite common. It could by caused by the excess of cycling or walking. However, sometimes the pain might be the sign of more serious problems such as varicose veins or circulatory complications. You should pay a visit to a doctor if the discomfort persists.