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The stars show very positive omens for those born under the sign of Leo as far as their sentimental life is concerned. Love is protected by the lunar position.

Our satellite the Moon in a sign of fire will bless you with passionate encounters and promises of affection and commitment.

These days your partner and you will become an inseparable team and will be able to understand each other and move in the same direction. Therefore, you’ll find it easy to achieve the goals you’ve set.

If you’re one of Leos who are single, look around you at work. You may meet someone who you’ll connect with intensely and start an affectionate relationship.

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You know that money doesn't grow on trees and that's why this Monday you'll start the week with a lot of energy. You’ll put a lot of effort and dedication into your financial affairs and, therefore, success will be very close.

If you need advice on something you’re not sure about, don't hesitate to ask your friends, they’ll find a way to help you. You can rely on building a great team with some of your loved ones.

Acting intelligently and planning ahead you'll get the results you want. Don’t rush into anything and wait patiently for the results. Otherwise, your impatience could lead you to lose everything and you know you don’t deserve it, Leo.


You’ll start the week with lots of energy and you’ll be able to accomplish your tasks with joy and good humor.

Your vigor and vitality will increase and that won’t be accidental, Leo. It’s the result of your efforts and willingness to stick to your new exercise routines and healthy eating habits.

You are taking care of your health; you exercise and you feel stronger every day. Verifying the changes encourages you to continue like this. Way to go, Leo!