Leo Daily Horoscope for April 17

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Today the moon will enter the sign of Libra leading you to a better understanding of your own feelings. The Earth's satellite will make a beautiful sextile with your Sun and invite you to say goodbye to tense and misunderstood situations. Remember the issues that have affected your relationship badly and avoid their repetition in this encounter of souls.

Your and that special person’s heart will beat as one and you’ll feel happy as never before. If you are single, don't hesitate to take a step forward in something new, but to do so you must let go of the past with all its consequences.

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Today you may feel that your colleagues are trying to delegate all their responsibilities to you. Your workmates won’t be able to finish their tasks and overload you with their ineptitude and laziness.

Have a conversation with someone who understands you and could help you to solve your problems.  A direct and decisive conversation may help to clear up the conflict.

Those who are looking for a change at work or a new job will find it convenient to spend time thinking of new ideas. The stars today are not very favorable when it comes to practical issues.

Your lucky number today is 53. This number will lead you to a promising vision of the future.


You must avoid the explosions of character and the accesses of anger in order to lead a better life. If you explode, you’ll only deteriorate your health. Leos who are undergoing a treatment that does not seem to work may need to take an alternative course in the search for diagnosis. A consultation or a new healing method could be helpful at this time.