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Your hypnotic gaze and elegancy will attract a secret admirer. Some people find it very hard to get close to you because you give off intimidating vibes. People see you as an important person who is difficult to approach. The nobility that you instill is perceived from far away.

Try to be more humble and approach others to show your simple and loving heart. You are a great person and you know it. But you should open yourself to others so they can understand you more.

There is someone who is aware of everything you do. He/she is waiting for a signal to approach you. Your words and gestures will be very important, Leo.

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Make sure you’re connected to your inner world since your decisions will depend on it. You feel like you should change your place to live, but you’re not sure if it’s the right thing to do.

Therefore, you should evaluate everything related to this issue. The location, costs, and the type of housing you prefer to live in. Everything is important if you’re going to make this change. You should keep in mind that moving house is one of the most stressful things.

Do you like changes? Do you feel that it’s time to start a new life in a different place? Take into consideration the cost and time of moving house. You’ll have to evaluate every detail and during the afternoon you’ll have the time to reflect on this matter.


The planets warn you that you could suffer from lower back pain if you don’t take care of yourself. Today you’ll be full of energy and willing to do housework such as deep cleaning or working in a garden.

If you are going to force your back moving furniture or lifting weight, perhaps you should use tools such as shovels or wheelbarrows. Adopt a proper back posture; otherwise, you could destroy it.