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New relationships will be favored by the stars. You’ll bond with your partner in a special and long-lasting way. However, you’ve just met and your love will be put to the test due to the influence of the eclipse.

Those who are in a long-term relationship should learn to accept that their feelings change over time. You may feel trapped since you no longer feel the excitement of the first days and you may have thought that things would turn out differently in the future. Your life isn’t going the way you expected and you don’t feel comfortable with the change.

If you aren’t sure about your feelings but don’t want this relationship to end, you’ll have to learn a new language of love.

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When it comes to money, today is going to be a dangerous day, Leo. Uranus in your sign will cause changes and imbalance and if you don’t manage your money well, you may lose everything you have.

You should appeal to your feline intelligence to survive a radical change in your social environment. Don’t be afraid and act firmly.

Those who are looking for a new job will be limited by the incoming energy and won’t have many possibilities to succeed. However, everything happens for a reason, Leo. It’s a perfect day to set up your own business. Walk slowly towards a new way of earning money that will help you increase your income while doing something you enjoy.


If you feel any physical discomfort, pay attention to it. Focus on the symptoms as you could be facing a strange pathology that you haven’t even heard of.

If the pain doesn’t go away, pay a visit to your family doctor who is familiar with all your strengths and weaknesses.