Leo Daily Horoscope for June 17

Your Horoscope for Monday
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It’s very important to improve your communication. As you know, your mood depends on it. If you start this Monday with intense dialogues, you’ll establish negative energy that will affect your whole day.

It’s necessary that you learnt to apologize when you’re caught up in an outburst and express yourself in aggressive ways that hurt the feelings of those around you.

It’s not easy to be with you when you’re angry and act like a king or queen.

Be more humble and connect with the love that you feel. Don’t let your arrogance cloud your vision and affect you negatively.

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It’s never easy to start a new week, but today you’ll have the energy of a lion in the middle of the hunt.

You’ll have to show your courage and act firmly when signing agreements or making painful decisions.

You’ll be able to understand and communicate with others and you’ll stand out for your great performance.

Leos born in the second deanery must adjust their way of communicating and not exceed the trust they have. You’re very valued at work and you don’t have to show your superiority at all times. The reward will come when least expected.


Of all the signs Leo and Sagittarius will be the ones who will feel the need to do physical activity. If you have a centaur friend, suggest him/her going for a jog or playing tennis. They’ll feel very comfortable sharing your impressive vitality.

You know that if you don’t put your energy into useful actions or physical exercise, you end up being angry with yourself. Don't let your natural effervescence erupt unchecked, give it a creative and healthy outlet for the sake of your vascular system.


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