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Leo, you can’t expect people to see the world the same way you do. Everyone has the right to imagine or perceive reality in their own way. It doesn’t mean that you have to change your perceptions for love either. Love has its limits. And some of them are your identity and your way of thinking.

Today the moon in your sign will make you very sensitive to love matters. A word said by someone you care about will awaken a wide range of feelings and memories.

You could get rid of Sunday melancholy by going out. Going to see a show or having dinner with friends will help you feel better.

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You have a somewhat difficult and overloaded week ahead of you, so you could take advantage of this afternoon to organize your Monday matters. It’s nothing to worry about. If you make the effort to organize each day before it begins, it will become easy to knock out your to-do list.

Don’t get upset about Monday; otherwise, you'll spoil a part of Sunday worrying about things that haven't happened yet. Answer your emails, check the week's payments and declutter your email inbox.  Do your best to feel good!


When the moon is in this position you may feel bloated and suffer from fluid retention. Drink plenty of water and reduce salt intake as much as possible today.

The moon will also make you feel more sensitive and introspective. You’ll be willing to focus on your sensations and memories your from childhood or family life.

Perhaps you could try to heal some stagnant emotions through a creative process, such as drawing or writing.