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Today may be a complicated day, Leo. Problems and misunderstandings will overwhelm you and you’ll be eager to escape rather than clear things up.

Someone might surprise you in a discussion. Their arguments will be hilarious and you won’t come up with anything to say.

Leo, you’ll have to deal with absurd situations many times in your life and this is neither the first nor the last one.

The planets related to romance and affection don’t promise you anything good today. Don’t worry, this aspect won’t last.

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It's a good day to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Remember that luck isn’t accidental; make sure you don’t miss your moment to shine.

Today you’ll have to trust your instinct. If you feel that you should get involved in certain activity, don’t think twice.

If you open your mind and your eyes, you’ll see many new possibilities of expansion.

Those who are looking for a new place to move into may find something they like today. Remember that a cool head and practical thinking are important when negotiating and making agreements.

At work, your patience and mental acuity will help you calm things down. You know that doing it right always leads to benefits; you’re admired by your colleagues and are about to be rewarded by your superiors.


If you're thinking about losing weight or changing your diet, it's a good day to start. The moon in Taurus is very close to Uranus, which is passing your sign and will provide great opportunities to establish new patterns. But don't exaggerate, Leo.

Remember to make changes gradually, step by step.

Seeking professional help and guidance is always a good idea.  A nutritionist will give you valuable advice.